Sunday, March 8, 2009

Automotive Harlotry

On the front page of, in the Cars section:
These women truly own the auto show stage - the cars are but a backdrop.
Women in auto shows? Mais c'est impossible, ca! Fear not, Reader, there are not actually any women doing anything important at the auto show in Geneva. Click on through to the Cars page and all will be right with the world again.
Sex and cars have always been a winning sales formula. Have a look at all the pizazz on the auto show floor.
Of course! That's what women are for. What a relief. But it gets better! Check out the slideshow, Girls of the 2009 Geneva Auto Show:

The overused phrase "sex sells" was probably coined by the automotive industry, and it's been used over and over to make men pay attention to its products. Put a pair of high heels in front of a Tata Nano or any sort of ugly, undesirable car, and they will notice.

Whether in print and television advertising or on the auto show floor, attractive females (and very occasionally, males) never fail to present a glamorous image. It's comforting, then, to know that style and sex are two things automakers won't cut from their budgets.

- Clifford Atiyeh, Staff

Thank you, Clifford Atiyeh, for once again putting your finger on the pulse of Boston. How comforting the misogyny is to us all in these brutal times. Like a favorite pair of warm, woolly, women-hating slippers.

2009 Geneva Auto Show

And who is in that unforgettable photo on the front page? Faceless, identical, with their milky limbs spilling out of the open door of a coupe like a couple of lissome harlots sculpted in plasticine? Oh yes! It's Gettysluts!

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  1. Dear God, there's more! On the Globe's Automotive blog!

    "If you're a typical male, chances are a woman has seduced you into purchasing something you wouldn't otherwise take off a whim. If you're a typical female, you can admit at least once that your gender has gotten you something for free. It's not fair, but this vicious, beautiful cycle will continue for eons."

    There are so many things my gender has gotten me for free. It is hard to count them. Some of them have been reported to the authorities. In my less charitable moments, I would be happy to give them all to Clifford Atiyeh so that he can enjoy them too.