Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Women Panic, Take Off All Their Clothes

In what appears to be a real, actual, numbers-backed trend, women are competing with increasing ferocity for stripper jobs as the economy continues its headlong plunge into the abyss. This seems on its face to make a small bit of economic sense. On the one hand, stripping is as tough as it ever was, and as the article points out, the clubs aren't drawing so many big spenders these days. On the other, at least you can't get outsourced to China.

(I haven't been in Lower Manhattan since the housing bubble burst--do you suppose the few female refugees from Lehman Bros. are wandering through the deserted streets in tattered skirt suits, wearing sandwich boards that say "Will Whore For Stale Bread"?)

But to all you gomers out there hoping that the adult entertainment industry will save your bacon, be ye warned. Nothing is recession-proof. Exhibit A: this recent auction announcement in the Wall Street Journal. (Good eye, Em!)


  1. Over $100,000 of novelty rubber goods? I wonder how cheap we could get them at auction? We could probably make a killing with a Dollar Dildo Store in Downtown Crossing.

  2. Only if we can call it Master Harris's Cheap Dick Emporium, and perch it on the very edge of the giant Filene's crater.

    (I do in fact have a master's degree, you know.)