Friday, March 13, 2009

Publicity: Ur Doin It Wrong

Small, frightened women of Boston! Your hour is nigh! Tremble no more in terror of large steaks, beach season and the hooting barbarians of the Theater District. Regan's Lindsay Rotundi explains why:

Good morning!

With beach season just around the corner, Fleming’s invites everyone to come in and try their new Light Entrée menu. The Light Entrée menu gives diners the chance to have their beloved steakhouse experience minus the excessive portions. Fleming’s has chosen three classic dishes and downsized them in both size and price, but never in taste!

These menu options are perfect for women diners usually intimidated by steakhouse portions, for those looking to shape-up for beach season without compromising their dining experience, or for lighter fare before you continue your night at the theater or an event, (Fleming’s will also gladly shuttle you over wherever you choose in their Mercedes Crossover Courtesy Car!). The menu items are available during standard operating hours, seven days a week.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!

The new items:

FILET MIGNON served with Fleming’s potatoes - $28.95

AUSTRALIAN LAMB CHOPS served with roasted plum tomatoes - $29.95

TUNA MIGNON served with grilled asparagus - $26.50

Thanks, Boston editor. You know who you are.


  1. "intimidated by steakhouse portions"

    Too good to be true, yet it is!

  2. damn you intimidating steakhouse portions! Wait...I like those portions...mmmm steak...

  3. Besides, doggie bags are SO last season...

  4. Yes, but who wants to take a doggie bag to the theater. The last time I did that (at the Wang, of all places), I got insulted by the people around me, asking if the Wang was doing takeout.

  5. I kind of think the tuna mignon sounds tasty.

  6. Mmmmmmm. "With beach season around the corner..." I don't know how you read any further.

    Flemings, FAIL.