Sunday, March 1, 2009

In Like A Lion

Once again, it's March. We all know what that means. More goddamn snow. Women's History Month. Soft-core porn season at the Globe. And, most importantly, it means only a few more weeks til St. Patrick's Day. So if you've been putting off buying your Kiss Me, I'm Marty Walsh T-shirt, delay no more. It's all for a good cause: 100% of proceeds go to the Lissa Harris and Paul McMorrow Guinness Fund for Little Wanderers.

Word on the street is that Rep. Walsh himself thinks it's hilarious. Oh, Marty, if only you were my elected representative. (Though Linda Forry's pretty hot too.)

Bonus: If you manage to get on TV on St. Patrick's Day wearing this amazing T-shirt, send us a clip and you win a prize. In lieu of something valuable, you will receive one (1) guest post on this here blog, on the topic of your choice. (Local politicians, take note!)

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