Friday, January 30, 2009

Women Do Time

Brits are wringing their hands this week over a new report claiming a 22 percent increase in crimes committed by girls 10-17. Girl thugs! "Ladette culture"! Heavens!

Not such a bad story, as measured by the official Women Do! Crap-O-Meter. I give it a 1 for Irrelevance, 0 for Bullshit (they actually counted stuff) and 2 for Perkiness. (Ladettes!) But it scores that magical extra point for this:

Roger Grimshaw, from the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies at King's College London, told The Times that there now seemed to be a greater intolerance by police of disorder by women.

"Women are more independent, more confident about going out on the street in groups. When there are, therefore, circumstances in which conflict does occur, they can become involved," he said.

You let the ladies out on the streets without male escorts, like a bunch of uncivilized hyenas, and just look what happens. Tragic.

***UPDATE!*** It seems this worrisome phenomenon has reached American shores.

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