Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lauren Clark Shows You How It's Done

Last week, F.O.W.D. Ryan Weaver expressed dismay about the Herald's sassy, schlocky Women Drink Drinks article. I concurred. Can't we get some smart coverage of the Boston cocktail scene up in this proverbial bitch?

Well, looky here!* It's a recent article about the very same Boston cocktail scene, featuring the very same Misty Kalfoken. Only it's well-written, knowledgeable and appears to have an actual point beyond "dude, girls drink something other than melonballtinis."

Proving only, perhaps, that trade mags written for people who actually care about stuff are kicking the newspapers right in their grey, saggy arses.

Nightclub & Bar Magazine: 1; Herald: 0.

*Tip of the hat to UHub.