Friday, January 30, 2009

I Want To See Sarah Schweitzer's

Gawker is right: this is not only the worst newspaper office memo ever, it's the worst office memo ever, period. Not even Steve Carrell could be so dastardly.

Nevertheless, I would dearly love to see how the Globe's Fluff Squad would respond.

Also. Dear BU Comm majors: Heed the fucking writing on the wall and stay the hell away from journalism. Seriously.


  1. Oh god. That Dig blog is just completely off the charts.

  2. Snobrey. Haven't you heard of this new thing? It's called user-generated content. SO HOT RIGHT NOW. *shudders*

  3. If they are in fact recounting everything, that is one constipated newsroom.

  4. Here's a preview of Harris's:
    Read fluff story. Howled. Threw paper across room. Pounded on desk. Stomped across room and picked paper up. Howled some more. Read another fluff story. Howled again. Threw paper across room again. Retrieved for the purposes of blogging about it. Angrily.

  5. Holy shit. I don't care if I had to sleep in an alley and eat pigeons, I'd have to walk. Just... ginormously stoopid.