Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No One On The Corner Has Swagger Like M.I.A.

Surely by now you must have seen this video of the peerless M.I.A. performing onstage at the Grammys on her due date. No? Well, have at it. [Oops. Copyrighted! Well, here's a different video.]

XX Factor's Marjorie Valbrun believes Ms. Arulpragasam had best check herself before she wrecks herself.

"The imagery of a scantily-clad, or should I say scandalously-clad, pregnant young women dancing on stage with a bunch of male rappers whose rhymes sometimes debase women, was just too much for me. And don't even get me started on what this cringe-worthy antic might say to impressionable teenage girl fans."

In other words: You lose. You lose for being pregnant. You lose for associating with men. You lose for not covering your shamefully pregnant body enough. You lose for being insufficiently feminist. Did I mention you lose for being pregnant? Stupid woman--you're not people when you're pregnant.

See, this is the trouble with blogging. I think if Valbrun had walked away from the computer and had a cup of coffee, before firing off some asshaberdashery about how M.I.A. should have stayed at home in a prairie dress knitting booties and quivering in terror, she would have thought better of it.

I nominate M.I.A. for Ballsiest Motherfucker in Hip-Hop.

**UPDATE!** You're Not People When You're Pregnant Part II: Rachael Larimore agrees.

**UPDATE II!** The Grammys called. They want their video back. In its place, please enjoy a home movie of a baby dancing to Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie."


  1. Larimore is the House Conservative at XX. I am not surprised that she's taking Valbrun's side. And this is the second time today that I've read a blogger write that once a lady, be she MIA or the crazy Octuplet Mom, has a kid, "it's not about you anymore." Apparently, any trip you take outside the Cave d' Motherhood before or after giving birth is Just Selfish, unless you're foraging for effing berries. Last time I checked, it was cool with me if my mom wanted to go dancing - polka dots or no polka dots.

  2. "asshaberdashery"

    Once again, you are my heroine.

    (That sorta rhymes, if you're in the Ozarks. Might be the start of a good C&W song.)

  3. Thanks Suldog! I was proud of that.

    One has to keep the verbiage fresh out the kitchen. Gawker will tell you: in this business, you can't rest on your douche-laurels for even a minute.