Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Women Do! Hero of the Month: Deb Harkness

Kudos to Serious Eats for running this very Women Do-esque riposte to a recent marketing study on women and wine. It seems that in Obvious Town, women sometimes drink wine, kind of like men do.

What's the wine industry to do, now that they know that women aren't a specialized market?

Well, I'm hoping the study's findings makes executives think twice before they pay for an insulting advertising campaign directed at women that makes us out to be clueless, waistline-obsessed wine-swilling divas. I hope we see less cutesy wine labels with cuddly animals. And I fervently pray that the next time I order the wine in a restaurant, I'm the one offered a taste of it, instead of the waiter pouring it into the glass belonging to the man at the table. And I really hope this is the last study of this kind I see.

Bravo. My only quibble: I wish Harkness had linked to the study.

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  1. a quick, impressionistic scan of that article made me want...a bathtub full o'wine. Good wine though. That I pick out myself. That doesn't have a cutesy label*. Life is too short to waste my liver on bathtubs of bad alcohol.

    *I dare say, though, that the prettiness of the bottle is as good a selection indicator as Wine Guide when I want to pick a random, unknown wine. (Why? Because it looks good lined up against my window with the light streaming in.)