Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whores In The Newspaper

Recently, Universal Hub--where they care as hard about newspapers and their verbiage as we Women Do-ers do--got its knickers all in a twist over whether a Proper Newspaper would use the word "whore" in print. I am pleased to report that the answer is Yes. And in the New York Times, no less.

Quote of the year:

"“If I had my way, I’d destroy all the mosques and spread the whores around a little more,” the detective said. “At least they’re not sectarian.”

Thanks to Joe for passing that on, in the hopes that it would galvanize me into blogging afresh. It did! And thanks to everybody else who sent me a virtual kick in the pants over the last couple of weeks. I am sorry I did not get around to that Metro story, in which it was revealed that, gasp, women are also affected by the economic recession. I regret not doing a full autopsy on the Biker Babes of Bellingham. I am kicking myself for passing up the opportunity to slice up Newsweek's take on Understanding Male Post-Partum Depression.

I hope you will forgive me. April is indeed the cruelest month. There were taxes. There were family medical emergencies. There were exploding water heaters in the basement. Oh, and I got engaged. Which you would already know, if you were a regular watcher of Jim Braude's news quiz show on NECN. Check it out and see if you can guess which of these three fine Stooges I'm going to marry this summer. (Hint: Not Jim Braude.)


  1. But for a historical accident (ye olde colonials whupped some French butt in Louisburg, Quebec during the French and Indian Wars), we'd be talking about John Kerry's abode on Mt. Whoredom.

    Here and here.

    But glad to see the Times getting over its prudishness.

  2. Nice. I remember stumbling across that factoid while researching a Dig story on the long-lost pubs of Colonial Boston--alas, itself now also sunk into the mists of time.

    I believe that story also referred to another tony area, not far from Mt. Whoredom, with the phrase "in which dead cats were wont to float."

  3. Hmmmmmmm... would it be... Julia?