Friday, August 7, 2009

Not That Word Again

Can somebody please read today's Globe's Women Do Stuff story for me? Looks like it's about women rocking out at the Bank of America pavilion. I can't get past the title without urping.

"Kickin' Sass."

Oh yes. They did.


Okay, fine, I read it. Here's my favorite part:

Q. I know you don’t think of rock in terms of gender, but are you finding other people are framing this as a female rock tour?

A. No, no one has said that to me.

Q. Good. Maybe we’ve moved beyond thinking in those terms.

Hi, this is the Globe! OK if we ask you a few questions? So how long have you been beating your wife? Oh, you haven't? Of course you haven't! That's ridiculous! Can you believe anybody would print that in the newspaper? Jeez, some people.

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  1. Just as ridiculous? This article about women playing Fantasy Football in increasing numbers that appeared on

    Apparently, women are more likely to let the player's looks influence their drafting. Wow, I've only been playing for the past 6 years and never used looks as a drafting requirement.

    More revelations? Apparently men are into women playing fantasy football, instead of just feeling threatened like they normally do when women start taking up interest in something they do.