Thursday, May 21, 2009

Traffic Jam On Madison Avenue

Seventy years ago, marketers hit upon the novel idea that men should eat soup.

Fast-forward to 2009. Things are so different now! It's pretty radical, but get this: women use computers. Not only that, but men drink soda.

What is this, Tehran?


  1. The woman sitting out in the middle of some wheatfield, tapping on her notebook, is just precious! Of course, I also like the bespectacled brunette - and not just because she's a bespectacled brunette. She looks as though she has never seen anything more clever and entertaining, and can hardly hold her coffee mug upright given the hilarity.

    As for men getting all of the meat, there are a hundred different ribald comments I could make, but I'll refrain.

  2. i like the beef! beef! beef! soup chant.

    does drinking pepsi max make me a man?