Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Women Do End Up In Binders

I have to say. The Google results for a search on "binders full of women" give me a shred of hope for the future of this benighted species.

What is there to add, really? Well, except this. (Sorry, Barry Manilow.)

His name was Romney, he had some binders
They were full of women who had the expertise to do
What needed doing, in Massachusetts
And while they worked the Cabinet, Mitty never made them sweat
He let them leave at five
So they could cook and thrive
They were capable women with jobs, but good mothers too
At the State House, it was a great house
A women-can-still-procreate house
At the State House, it was a greeeaaaat house
Women in power had flexible hours
At the State House, he was the Guv.